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  • Name : Davide Poletto
  • Alias : Kimera
  • Company : Freelance
  • Position : HiPath systems (unofficial) consultant

When I'm not out for work nor I have other stuff to do, I like to have a good cup of hot dark coffee (I like it so much!) and sit down surfing the net or posting on HiPath Forum YaBB or just here.

Feel free to send me E-Mail on, I'll be also happy to have instant messaging chat session on my MSN Messenger address.

Mainly I like:

  • HiPath 2000 and 3000 communication systems
  • HiPath HG1500 and Xpressions Compact modules
  • 1st/3rd Party CTI Applications
  • Having hands on GNU/Linux
  • Experimenting SIP Proxy server (Like SIPFoundry SipX) and SIP compliant workpoints (Like great optiPoint 410/420 S family).
  • Doing a huge amount of other interesting (Siemens unrelated :-) ) things, like:
    • Reading books and magazines
    • Jogging
    • Enojoing arts and desing matters
    • Lounging with friends
    • Riding my motorbike
    • Sleeping as more as I can!

My favourite Carrier Grade IP Protocol: RFC1149

See you here!