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This page is my main reason for registering on this wiki - I've recently been provided with a WL2 professional phone, and ran into the following challenges:

  • where do I get the most recent firmware? (solved, as a SEN employee I've got access to the SWS server)
  • can a WL2 professional be updated with the WL2 Professional S firmware? (solved, yes)
  • what to do if the update via FTP fails consistently? (solved; use HTTP)

Now, my WL2 works fine with my private Arcor/Vodafone SIP numbers.

During the research, I've found several people struggling to solve the same questions, mostly users who acquired WL2 phones via Ebay, got discarded ones from their workplace or similar sources. They don't have access to our SWS server, and some even had less that satisfactory encounters with the Siemens or SEN support (I'll look up the forum posts and provide the URLs).

Should this wiki page be extended to answer the challenges? I.e. is there a reliable and legal source for firmware for private users, is it safe to tell people about the Wl2 -> WL2 S upgrade, should the HTTP firmware update be mentioned? Michael Schumacher 17:09, 21 July 2011 (CEST)


Why not (about all of yours four questions placed above) ?

  • (1) extending WL2 Wiki page ? IMHO yes...if not yet available we could create (or add information on) a WL2 FAQ page.
  • (2) firmware for "private" users ? define "private" please...are a user different from other because it's using a device in a non-enterprise (so not possibly controlled) environment ?
  • (3) I think it's safe because users looking for that type of information are, generally speaking, VoIP (quite) experts. They should know what they're looking for if they're looking for that very specific procedure (have you ever struggled how to convert to SIP a CISCO IP phone?).
  • (4) Why not ? is it (or, could it be) a secret ?

But, as you work for Siemens, what does Siemens's internals think about those points ?

Davide Poletto