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XML-Applications on optiPoint display module

On optiPoint display module there is an information the XML-applications are not supported at the DSM. Does anybody know if this is right? --Martina.ganzer 18:27, 23 January 2007 (CET)

It's correct.
The optiPoint DSM module integrates:

  • ENB (Electronic Notebook)
  • WAP Browser (by means of an external WAP Gateway through a Proxy)
  • LDAP Client (to access an LDAP Server)
  • Voice Dial
  • Online help
  • Display application (to adjust display settings)
  • Keyboard display

When the optiPoint DSM module was on the edge (years ago), the integrated WAP Browser on which it relayed on to show online informations was compared to integrated XML-based browser of competitor's products and the final winner was the WAP: this happened mainly because (stil years ago) the XML wasn't so popular (compared to WAP), neither understood (no public services were available) nor already massively used/developed.
Actually it's the opposite.
For the optiPoint DSM a very short life, funny.
Davide.poletto (Kimera 20:52, 24 January 2007 (CET))