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Hi all,

Are you sure that HiPath 2000 V2 is officially supported and tested (read: released) to work with HiPath MobileConnect appliance (thus since what version of it ?) ?
Vice versa, try to read this question this way: is the HiPath MobileConnect released to work with HiPath 2000 V2 ? and HiPath 3000 V7 too ?

Regards, Davide.poletto (Kimera 09:21, 4 February 2008 (CET))

I'm trying to check your question. But where did you find th reference to MobileConnect?

Check it here HiPath 2000 Compatible Products (Applications).
As far as I know, the HiPath MobileConnect V1.1 (the appliance for 50 and 250 users) is currently in FT status and it's under testing only on HiPath 8000 V3 and HiPath 4000 V4 communication systems (a part from a HiPath 2000 V2 demonstration at CeBit 2007, or somewhere else, if I remeber well).
Then, what's the meaning of HiPath Management as compatible Application ? is it WBM ? ...if's a feature not an "external" application to add on the list.
Kind regards.
Davide.poletto (Kimera 12:33, 4 February 2008 (CET))