OpenScape Desk Phone CP (SIP)

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This page gives a brief overview about the most important changes made in released software versions of the OpenScape Desk Phone CP phone family.

Short videos are available for most of the features showing the setup and the functionality.

For enhanced features like E/A Cockpit or the UC Integration own pages are available with videos and descriptions.

Supported Standards

List of supported standards

New features per Release

V1 R11 Features

More Information
CP100: Easy FPK access The Up-Key of the navigation keys works like a shift key. The key toggles between the two levels of the FPK area. It saves an extra shift key and provides two functions on every key. Map
Disable ringer off & Minimal ringer volume Once the ringer off is disabled the ringer off key is not working any more as well as the ringer off FPK.

With minimum ringer volume set, the -/+ volume key can select at the lower end a restricted volume area only. The phone will ring at least with the minimum ringer volume.

Oauth2 for Exchange connector Oauth2 is enabling applications to access Exchange Online data by using the users standard two factor authentication for generating access and refresh tokens for application authentication. Access to the Unify redirect service is needed to generate the required tokens. Map
UC Team member status on FPK A selected dial key of a team member shows the UC presence status of that person in the label and the associated LED on the key. Map
Direct Network Traces from Phone The phone is triggered to send a life trace via SSH to a remote network tracing app like Wireshark. Map
Hide DSS calling number The Admin can prevent that the Caller-ID of an DSS line is shown on the phone display. That affects the key label as well as notification sausages Map
Turn off old TLS versions The Admin configure the phone to ban outdated TLS versions Map

V1 R10 Features

More Information
Ukraine Country setting Add Ukraine as an own country and language setting Map
Call Forwarding Destination Show the call forwarding destination in the main menu Map
2nd line favorite screen Show additional status information in a second line of the favorite screen. Map
SCEP Deploy certificates with Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol Map
Action URL Bind an telephony event to a action URL similar to the Send URL feature Map
Readability Adopt font size for better readability Map
Unify Office Support of several enhanced telephony features like synchronized contacts and call logs Map

V1 R9 Features

More Information
Media Encryption Enhanced security in Media encryption using SRTP AES 256 according to RFC6188 Map
ECDSA certificate Support Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorythm (ECDSA) for TLSv1.2 and DTLS. Map
DLS Cross Mobility Cross mobility between Desk Phone IP and Desk Phone CP (IP35G <-> CP100/200/CP205 and IP55 <-> CP600/E, CP700/X) Map
Screenshot Service Make and download a phone screenshot out web based management Map
Unify Office Support of several enhanced telephony features like BCA Map
Door Opener MIn addition to door intercom with video, access to the door opener via phone call (DTMF control) or HTTP / S request is now supported Map
CP700X WiFi Several optimizations to avoid audio dropouts due to channel / AP changes Map
Bluetooth CP600/700(X): Phone user is able to synchronize / copy contacts from mobile phone to CP-phone via Bluetooth Map
Screen Saver New screen saver:Date and time information on the phone is displayed when it is in idle mode Map
E/A Cockpit Play audible notifications Map

V1 R8 Features

More Information
Device Migration Easy migration from old OpenStage or Desk Phone IP devices to OpenScape CP Devices using Administration from DLS with graphical user interface Map
KM600 long label User can configure short or long labels for KM600. Action icons and status Icons are removed from the screen to provide more space for the label. Map
Action for selected dial

The admin can define a default action for the favorites executed during active calls. Possible actions are

  • Consult
  • Transfer
  • No action

The action is performed, if the user will change to the favorite screen during an active call and triggers a selected dialing key as destination. It works for any selected dial key on main device or key module too.

Easy Missed Call Handling The handling of missed calls can be performed in two flavors:
  1. Missed calls are explicitly handled: Either by handling missed calls call by call or marking all missed calls as read.
  2. Missed calls are handled in a way similar to smartphones: Either handling one missed call or switching between different landing screens marks all missed calls as read

The behavior is configurable by a new admin setting ‘AlertBar LED hint‘

Selected Dial key from Conversation User can program a selected dial key directly from an existing conversation Name, phone number and picture are copied to the selected dial key. Map
Door Intercom with Video A Door Intercom with Video is supported with SIP V1 R8 and HFA V1 R4 SW for all CP Models. The door call and opening function can be used with CP100/200/205/400, whereas the CP600E/600/700/700X are additionally able to display the video of a Door Intercom with Video too. Door Intercom with Video

V1 R7 Features

More Information
New Favorite Screen Layout The CP600/600E favorite screen contains all important information of the main menu and is a perfect substitution for the idle screen for monitoring lines Map
Display DTMF Digits The admin can configure to display the DTMF digits on the phone screen Map
Mobility Logoff A mobile user can be logged out even if the phone is locked by the mobile user Map
Battery Level The CP600 shows the battery level of a connected Bluetooth device in the main menu. Map
Temperature Sensor The CP600 is able to display the temperature and the humidity detected by a connected BT sensor. Map
Intuitive FPK options The programming options of free programmable keys have intuitive naming. Map

V1 R6 Features

More Information
OpenScape UC Integration It seamlessly syncs your CP400/600/600E into the world of Unified Communications by keeping your presence, your preferred device, contacts and call history up to date.
03 OpenScape UC.gif
Bluetooth Keyboard Bluetooth keyboards are generally supported. They allow full control over the CP600 phone. Map
Bluetooth Remote Button The Bluetooth remote button allows to to trigger one configured favorite of the CP600 or one button configured on the key module 600. Map
E/A Cockpit and Mobility This function connects the E/A Cockpit feature with mobile logon/logoff. Map
Inventory Management with LLDP-MED The LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) is vendor independent layer-2-protocol allowing to exchange device information between equipment in the neighborhood. Map
Favorites in Main Menu Free entries in the main menu are used by configured favorite entries. Map
Logo in Main Menu The admin can import a logo image into the CP400/600/600E. Map
Create a new Contact/Conversation The list options of the conversation menu provide the possibility to add a new contact/conversation. Map
Filter Function for Conversations Conversations can be filtered by type. Map
Enable/Disable Call Waiting Tone The call waiting tone is played during an active call, when a second incoming call appears. This might disturb the active call so that important parts are missed. It's now possible to enable/disable the call waiting call. Map

V1 R5 Features

More Information
Name Update for existing conversations Automatic name update for existing conversations can be configured with this option. Possible sources are LDAP or OpenScape Voice. Signalling only

LDAP & Signalling

Display of the keyset label (incoming call) In addition to the line number, the configured "Keyset Label" is now also displayed to increase the overview for the user. Short Video

V1 R4 Features

More Information
Phone number type as icons To increase the overview, a corresponding icon is displayed for each call number type (mobile, basic, business). Short Video
Call logging for secondary line In the conversation list calls which are answered via the secondary line are logged. Short Video
Alphabetical sorting (LDAP) LDAP search results are displayed in alphabetical order. Short Video
Type-based alternative number representation The alternative phone numbers are displayed type-based for an outgoing call. Short Video
Create new conversation (contact) The user can create an individual conversation (contact). Short Video
Group Call Enhancements Volume and repetition frequency are configurable. Volume


Information Popups for secondary lines Enhanced information for incoming, active and end call. Incoming Call

Active Call

End Call

Delay for "Forwarding after time" The delay for "Forwarding after time" can be set individually by the user. Short Video
Video Support The device can display video streams from other participants. Short Video
Executive/Assistant Cockpit EA_Cockpit is implemented on the OpenScape Desk Phone CP600/600E phones via keys and an integrated application. The solution is based on the well-known CheSe function of the OpenScape 4000.
02 EA Cockpit.gif

V1 R3 Features

More Information
Landing Screen The user can set the landing screen individually. Short Video
Permanent LDAP Lookup If activated, an LDAP request is also sent for existing contacts. Short Video
Call Recording Easy control and overview of call recording status. Short Video

V1 R2 Features

More Information
Circuit Mode Easy switch between normal and circuit mode. Short Video
CP600 12 favorites When the key-module is disconnected, the user is now able to configure up to 12 favorites. Short Video

Ablauf und Beispiel

Mark all conversations as read With 3 clicks it is possible to mark all conversations as read at the same time. Short Video

LDAP am Telefon

NTP Backup If the device cannot reach the configured NTP (time) server, an error message is displayed on the display. In addition, it is possible to configure a backup NTP server. Short Video
Idle Screen After a configurable timeout, the device automatically displays the configured idle screen. Short Video

V1 R1 Features

More Information
Conversation Introduction of the new Innovative Conversation Concept! LDAP, Exchange, and Call History are combined into a dynamic conversation. There is only one conversation per participant under which all relevant data are summarized. Short Video
Bluetooth Proximity With the help of the extended Bluetooth interface, it is possible to automatically lock the device as well as to unlock it. Short Video
Delete all Conversations With 3 clicks, it is possible to delete all conversations at the same time. Short Video
Intuitive dial out Even at the outset during dialing the user is shown all phone numbers relevant to the conversations in real time on the display. This saves time and simplifies the choice. Short Video
Exchange Automatic synchronization of Exchange contacts (e.g., Microsoft Outlook) to the device. Short Video
Intuitive search function The search function has been completely redesigned to give the user an intuitive and easy way to search for both local and corporate contacts at the same time. Short Video
Real time LDAP Dialed/incoming phone numbers are automatically synchronized with the corporate directory. Short Video