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Until recent times, map finding services were limited to computers, mobiles etc., but now the Map Finder application enables the users to view desired maps/directions on the APM of IPPhone.

Most importantly, this application uses IPPhone instead of computer to print out the map of the desired location.


Operational Overview

Operational Overview:

  • A Map Finder application on the phone interacts with the server using XML. The server provides XML to the phone which the application renders into a screen for the user to interact with. The user’s interaction with the phone results in key-value pairs being passed back to the server for processing.
  • The server in turn sends a query (HTTP Request) to web-based services and obtains HTML data (Http Response).
  • The server then creates an XML page with the data obtained from web-based services and sends it back to the IP Phone.

Key Features

  • View Map

User can view map of any desired location by simply entering the location name or the post code.

  • View Directions

User can view text based directions of route between two specified post codes i.e. post code of starting location and post code of destination.

  • Zoom Map

User can specify the part of the image he wishes to zoom into and the image will then be enlarged to fit the APM screen.

  • Print Map

User can print the desired map using the default printer connected to the main server of the application. Thus enabling the user of printing a friendly version of the map to take on the road.

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