The Wiki of Unify contains information on clients and devices, communications systems and unified communications. - Unify GmbH & Co. KG is a Trademark Licensee of Siemens AG.

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An overview of various Devices and additional software etc. A collection of product images you find in the Product Photo Gallery.


Clients & Devices using Session Initiation Protocol.

OpenScape Desk Phone CP600 perspective view low.png OpenScapeDP IP 55G.jpg os80-p.jpg OpenStage WL3 Plus Front.png
OpenScape Desk
Phone CP
OpenScape Desk
Phone IP
OpenStage SIP OpenStage WL3

Blauer Engel UZ 150 F.jpg
The OpenStage SIP phones 15, 20, 40, 60 and the OpenScape Desk Phone IP family with 35G, 35G Eco and 55G are now certified with the eco-label Blue Angel.


Devices using CorNet IP with HiPath Feature Access.

OpenScape Desk Phone CP600 perspective view low.png OpenScapeDP IP 55G.jpg os80-p.jpg
OpenScape Desk
Phone IP
OpenStage HFA


Devices using TDM with UP0/E.

OpenStage T


Handsets & Infrastructure using DECT.

OpenScape DECT Phone SL5 Front View for front page.JPG OpenScape DECT Phone S5 no border.jpg OpenStage M3.jpg HiPath Cordless IP.png
OpenScape DECT
Phone SL5
OpenScape DECT
Phone S5
OpenStage M3 HiPath Cordless IP

DECT-Devices are connected to the communications system by HiPath Cordless IP, Cordless Office or Cordless Enterprise.

IP Device Applications

os80-p.jpg CallBridge.jpg
OpenStage XML Applications CallBridge Collection

IP Device Management

DLSclient-sample-screen.gif OpenStageIP WBM Admin Login.gif
Deployment Service Web Based Management

VoIP Security

SPE.png certificate.png IEEE 802.1X.png
VoIP Security Certificate Management IEEE 802.1X