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(Modules for optiPoint series)
(Modules for optiPoint series)
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== Modules for optiPoint series==
== Modules for optiPoint series==
* [[image:os80-p.jpg|40px]]   [[optiPoint application module|optiPoint Application module]]
* [[image:opapm-p.jpg|40px]]   [[optiPoint application module|optiPoint Application module]]
* [[optiPoint display module|optiPoint DSM module]]
* [[image:opdsm-p.jpg|40px]]   [[optiPoint display module|optiPoint DSM module]]
== Wireless phones ==
== Wireless phones ==

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Below you find an overview of various workpoints, divided in hardware-based phones and Sofware-based PC applications.

A collection of images of the products below you find in the Wiki Image Pool.

Desktop phones

os60-t.jpg op410adv-t.jpg op150s-t.jpg

Modules for optiPoint series

Wireless phones

55px Gigaset S4 MT-front.jpg gspro-sl3-f.jpg gspro-m2-f.jpg

See also: HiPath Wireless and HiPath Cordless IP