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There are a number of different SDK interfaces into OpenScape UC Application each enabling different integration possibilities. In the document linked below there is an overview of these interfaces, how they fit together and information on which one to use.

Below you will find more detailed information regarding each OpenScape UC Application interface including interface specifications, code samples and tutorials.


The OpenScape UC Application’s OpenSOA SDK is the most comprehensive and feature rich of our SDKs. It exposes the extensive collection of distinct Web Services and APIs, each service encapsulating a key UC feature area, such as Call Control, Conference Management, Presence, Contact Management, Tell-me-when, User Device Management and more.

All services have their own defined interface accessible via SOAP/XML providing a more powerful and flexible approach to creating customized solutions by combining individual Web Services to match the needs of the integration project.

Powerful and feature rich integrations can be achieved by combined and blending the functionality of the wide range of services offered. Service can be used (consumed) by client applications or other services. Multiple applications and services can access an OpenSOA service in parallel.

OpenSOA SOAP XML - Overview Presentation

An overview of the of the OpenSOA SOAP XML SDK. Giving an architetural overview detailing methods and functions exposed and key OpenSOA concepts.

OpenSOA SOAP XML - Programming Guide and Sample Code

Details setting up an OpenSOA SDK development environment and consuming the OpenSOA service. Using C# examples it illustrates key OpenSOA concepts such as Discovery, Authentication, eventing. This package also contains the source files for the C# sample application and Java Sample code.


Low level interface description of each OpenSOA service. Detailing methods, parameters, return types and exceptions.

Web Client SDK

This SDK allows common UC functionality to be quickly and easily embedded into other web applications via its Java Script interface. The SDK also provides a comprehensive interface for customising the look and feel of the Web Client according to customers branding and style wishes.

Web Client SDK for OpenScape UC Application

Media Server Application Builder

The Media Server is a core element of our OpenScape UC Application. It is also embedded as Contact Media Service (CMS) in OpenScape Contact Center. With the Media Server Application Builder you can create, test and deploy feature rich Voice Portal or even Multimedia IVR applications and call flows.

If you have any questions regarding the Appbuilder please feel free to post in the OSCC TechConnect forum- OSCC Circuit Community


Service Provisioning Mark-up Language (SPML) is an XML-based framework for provisioning users and resources. The UC application provides an SPML interface into the OpenSOA framework so UC App users and resources can be created/modified/removed programmatically.


Details on how to provision the OpenScape UC application programmatically through the usage of the standard Service Provisioning Mark-up Language (SPML).