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(OpenScape 4000 CSTA Application Developer Guide)
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<p style="text-align:right"> [[Developer_Program_-_OpenScape_Voice |OpenScape Voice]] [[Developer_Program_-_OpenScape_UC|OpenScape UC]] <br/>
<p style="text-align:right"> [[Developer_Program_-_OpenScape_Voice |OpenScape Voice]] | [[Developer_Program_-_OpenScape_UC|OpenScape UC]] | [[Developer_Program_-_OpenScape_4000|OpenScape 4000]] <br/>
[[Developer_Program_-_Integration_Connectors|Integration Connectors]] [[Developer_Program_-_OpenScape_4000|OpenScape 4000]] [[Developer_Program_-_OpenStage|OpenStage]] [[Developer_Program_-_DLS|Deployment Service]] </p>
[[Developer_Program_-_Integration_Connectors|OSCC-E Integration Connectors]] | [[Developer_Program_-_OpenStage|OpenStage]] | [[Developer_Program_-_DLS|Deployment Service]] </p>
== OpenScape 4000 CSTA Resources ==
== OpenScape 4000 CSTA Resources ==

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OpenScape Voice | OpenScape UC | OpenScape 4000
OSCC-E Integration Connectors | OpenStage | Deployment Service

OpenScape 4000 CSTA Resources

OpenScape 4000 CSTA allows you to link OpenScape 4000 Communication Server (CS) with CTI applications that support the CSTA protocol.

XML Phone Services allows your application to control your desktop phone.

Installation and Problem Determination Guide

Use this document to install and configure your OpenScape 4000 CSTA deployment and your XML Phone Services.

OpenScape 4000 CSTA Application Developer Guide

Detailed description of all available CSTA features and scenarios.