Declarations of Conformity

The Wiki of Unify contains information on clients and devices, communications systems and unified communications. - Unify GmbH & Co. KG is a Trademark Licensee of Siemens AG.

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Below you find the Declaration of Conformity of our Communications Systems and Devices and the Notification Letter of changing the Company-Name from Siemens Enterprise Communications to UNIFY.



Desktop Phones

OpenScape Desk Phone IP

OpenScape DP IP 35G persp.jpg OpenScape DP IP 35G persp.jpg OpenScapeDP IP 55G.jpg OSDPKeymodul.jpg
pdf.png  OpenScape DP IP 35G_eco pdf.png  OpenScape DP IP 35G pdf.png  OpenScape DP IP 55G pdf.png  OpenScape Key Module 55

OpenStage SIP

os15-p.jpg os40-p.jpg os60-p.jpg
pdf.png  OpenStage 15 SIP

pdf.png  OpenStage 15 G SIP

pdf.png  OpenStage 40 SIP

pdf.png  OpenStage 40 G SIP

pdf.png  OpenStage 60 SIP

pdf.png  OpenStage 60 G SIP

OpenStage HFA

os15-p.jpg os40-p.jpg os60-p.jpg
pdf.png  OpenStage 15 HFA

pdf.png  OpenStage 15 G HFA

pdf.png  OpenStage 40 HFA

pdf.png  OpenStage 40 G HFA

pdf.png  OpenStage 60 HFA

OpenStage T

os10-p.jpg os15-p.jpg os30-p.jpg
pdf.png  OpenStage 10 T pdf.png  OpenStage 15 T pdf.png  OpenStage 30 T
os40-p.jpg os60-p.jpg
pdf.png  OpenStage 40 T pdf.png  OpenStage 60 T

OpenStage Modules

Keymodul 15
Keymodul 40 60 80
OpenStage BLF

pdf.png  OpenStage Keymodul 15

pdf.png  OpenStage Keymodul 40 60 80

pdf.png  OpenStage BLF

PSU'n for Desktop Phones

Power Supplies
pdf.png  OpenStage PSU from Delta

pdf.png  OpenStage PSU from Salom

Cordless Phones

DECT Handsets

OpenStage M3 professional

pdf.png  OpenStage M3
pdf.png  OpenStage M3 plus
pdf.png  OpenStage M3 EX and EX plus
pdf.png  OpenStage M3 Charger

OpenScape DECT Phone S5 no border.jpg
OpenScape DECT Phone S5

pdf.png  DoC_OpenScape_DECT_S5

OpenScape DECT Phone S5 Base.jpg
OpenScape DECT Phone S5 Base

pdf.png  OpenScape DECT Phone S5 Base

OpenScape DECT Phone SL5 Front View for front page.JPG
OpenScape DECT Phone SL5

pdf.png  DoC_OpenScape_DECT_SL5

OpenStage WL3

OpenStage WL3 Plus Front.png pdf.png  OpenStage WL3 & WL3 Plus

pdf.png  OpenStage WL3 Charger
pdf.png  OpenStage WL3 Charger Rack
pdf.png  OpenStage WL3 Server

DECT Base Station

HiPath Cordless IP.png HiPath Cordless IP - DECT IP base station.jpg
pdf.png  OpenScape Cordless BS5
pdf.png  HiPath BSIP1

Communications Systems

Small & Medium Businesses

OpenScape Business

pdf.png  OpenScape Business
OpenScape Business X1
OpenScape Business X1 OpenScape Business X3W OpenScape Business X5W
OpenScape Business X5
OpenScape Business X8
OpenScape Business X3 OpenScape Business X5 OpenScape Business X8

Large Enterprises

OpenScape 4000 V7

OpenScape 4000

OpenScape 4000

pdf.png  OpenScape 4000 V7 AP

consisting of peripheral shelfs
OpenScape AP 3300, OpenScape AP3300 IP,
OpenScape AP 3700, OpenScape AP3700 IP

OpenScape 4000 EcoServer

OS 4000 EcoServer.jpg
OpenScape 4000 EcoServer |

pdf.png  OpenScape 4000 EcoServer

OpenScape Access

Office 500a / Office 500i
pdf.png  OpenScape Access

OpenScape Branch

OpenScape Branch 50-50i
OpenScape Branch 500i
pdf.png  OpenScape Branch 50

pdf.png  OpenScape Branch 50i

pdf.png  OpenScape Branch 500i

Industry Solutions


OpenStage Xpert 6010p N4

pdf.png  OpenStage Xpert 6010p N4
pdf.png  OpenStage Xpert Handset
pdf.png  OpenStage Xpert USB Analog Adapter
pdf.png  OpenStage Xpert Speaker Module

Trading Module

pdf.png  DoC_Trading_Modules

Digitale Alarm-und Kommunikations-Server (DAKS)

DAKS - Server

pdf.png  µDAKS, including DAKS 100 ECO, OScAR 100 ECO
pdf.png  mDAKS, including DAKS 200 Pro/ECO, OScAR 200 Pro/ECO
pdf.png  DAKS Rel. 7, including DAKS 300 Pro, OScAR 300 Pro
pdf.png  Digital I/O, including IOG-03, IOM-02, IOM-11

OScAR - Server

pdf.png  OScAR 100 ECO
pdf.png  OScAR 200 Pro/ECO
pdf.png  OScAR 300 Pro