optiPoint WL2 professional three steps software update

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In order to upgrade the optiPoint WL2 professional V1 from a Step 1 software version (50.001.36 as example) to a Step 2 software version (50.002.34 as example) is mandatory to follow a step by step procedure described in detail below:

The Step 2 software versions (50.002.xx) require both a data file system upgrade and a display language upgrade in order to work.

There are specialized intermediate software versions for both application software and language software.

To upgrade follow these steps:

  • Backup your optiPoint WL2 professional settings via its WBM.
  • Check your optiPoint WL2 professional software version (it should be 50.001.xx or older) before proceeding.
  • Update via WBM to the intermediate software version named prep50_2_27_Std.img (Siemens).
  • Update via WBM to the intermediate software version named WL2_AdminLanguageFix.img in order to fix the display language.
  • Update via WBM to the final software version named swup50-002-34-00070.img

For this specific example we're considering the 50.002.34 as the latest software version available: always apply the most updated one once available.

Keep in mind that an upgrade without these intermediate software versions is not possible: the version check will ends with the message "Failed" if the procedure above will not be followed.

Between intermediate upgrade steps, when the optiPoint WL2 professional starts up with this version, the factory data file system content is set to the default values of a standard HFA version and the default ringer tones, also, images are copied to the data file systems.

After each reboot of the optiPoint WL2 professional the following message will be displayed on its display:

Temp. SW only!

Please Update!

Such warning message can be confirmed selecting "OK" but it's neither necessary nor mandatory to select "OK" (and so confirm it) for the update to reach the final software version.