What should I mind when editing?

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Neutrality and Objectivity

This Wiki should be an informative place that allows an open exchange of information. For this to work, users must observe a couple of ground rules. This not only affects contributions on discussion pages, but primarily also the style of writing in your own articles. The following should therefore be avoided:

  • Malicious slander,
  • Personal insults,
  • Typical troll expressions,
  • Intentional misinformation.

In terms of neutrality and objectivity, we follow the same guidelines as Wikipedia. Refer to the article there entitled Neutral point of view!

Comprehensibility and Clarity

Many articles in this Wiki are technical documents. Good technical documentation ensures that the text can be easily understood. Convoluted sentences should be avoided. Each sentence should make a clear, idiosyncratic statement. Complex facts should also be properly clarified. Suitable means of providing clarification include, depending on circumstances, illustrative graphics or multimedia material such as short filmlets that illustrate operation. Please refer here to: How do I add images and multimedia?

Integration in the Wiki

New articles should be in harmony with the remaining Wiki contents. This means:

  • New articles should be based in terms of length and level of detail on comparable articles.
  • If possible, use the same specialist terminology as other comparable articles within the Wiki.
  • Link the new article as described in How do I create an article?.