What can I contribute to this Wiki?

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Your Own Know-How

In your job, you have a great deal to do with VoIP/SIP technologies, in general or Unify-related? In this case this platform enables you to publish your specific know-how and share it with others. By publishing high-quality articles in this Wiki you can make your mark as an expert – and today, this might be more promising than being stingy with your knowledge.

If you have a technical background regarding DSL, VoIP quality features such as latency, jitter or packet loss ratios, migration from traditional telephone networks to IP telephones or regarding the developments in the area of SIP gateways, this Wiki is the right place to actively contribute with your know-how.

While reading some content in this Wiki it comes to your mind that "something might be missing here"? Remember: It’s up to you to supplement the missing parts!

Your Own Experience

However, you don’t have to be an expert to contribute to this Wiki. If you use IP telephones (ideally the phones discussed here) at the office or at home, you can describe your own experience, e.g. with SIP gateway providers or Skype.
For private reports of this type, the section Your Assistance of this Wiki is provided.

At the beginning, however, you’ll most likely have a lot of questions – and the Wiki will not leave you alone in the dark. You can describe your problems and questions regarding the products and solutions discussed here in the section Your Assistance. Experts and other users will try to answer your questions and find solutions. However, the Wiki cannot replace Product Support. Therefore, this section’s purpose is to add information to other sections of the Wiki and provide know-how in a new way.

Ideas and Suggestions for Improvement

There is room for improvement in any product, software, or technology! This Wiki is the place for you to provide constructive suggestions for improvement regarding the phones and platforms discussed. Your suggestions will be read by the developers and product managers in charge. If applicable, these will comment on your suggestions. The section Your Assistance is the start page for your suggestions for improvement.

Correcting Articles

Wherever a lot of text is produced, quite a few typing errors and spelling mistakes will be found. Also, an article might be difficult to understand or not substantiated enough from a professional point of view. The providers of this Wiki try to fix errors or deficiencies. However, it is in the best interest of all Wiki users that any user spotting a mistake will fix it. If you can describe some topic more comprehensibly as the current article does, feel free to improve the text section. The same applies, of course, if you find a technical mistake in an article.

Arguments in Discussions

Last but not least there is a discussion page for each page in this Wiki; you can access this page via the link "discussion" in the top navigation section. The discussion page for an article can be edited just as the article itself. The purpose of the discussion page, however, is to collect comments, suggestions for improvements, counter-arguments, etc. So if you would like to contribute to a specific article but do not want to change it, you can use the discussion page of this article to add your comments. If there is something you don’t like about an article, or if you think some aspect needs more emphasis – don’t hesitate to put it down in writing on the discussion page!