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In the version V1 R2.5.10 of phone OpenStage 40 SIP, is visualized in display "SIEMENS". This logo, is possible change or erase? How?

I know how do that for OS60/80, but the OS40 don't have any option by ftp.


The logo can be changed by administrator (or in the administration area of the phone configuration). You have access by Web Based Management:
Administrator Pages > (password) > File Transfer > Logo
You can change the logo file by FTP or HTTPS. Supported file extensions are JPEG and PNG.
In the future please ask your question directly on the discussion page of the affected topic, e.g. the OpenStage SIP article. Thank you. --Horemu 08:46, 25 September 2007 (CEST)

Hi Horemu, this option is not available in the WBM. I will repeat my asks with new information in the correct topic. thanks for your help