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Bio Jerald B. McQueen Owner/President PHOENIX ENERGY SYSTEMS, LLC

    Jerald was born in Palmetto; a small town on the west coast of Florida, 15 miles north of Sarasota, on the Manatee River; just on the southern tip of Tampa Bay from Saint Petersburg. Six months after his birth his parents, Ollie & Alfrader McQueen decided to relocate to South Florida, with him and his older sister Althea LaVonne, in tow. Jerald’s entire rearing was in Miami. The following eight years brought two more siblings on the scene; Betty Karen and Eric Anthony (all four siblings are 4 years apart). As Tony (Eric) has been laid to rest early in life, Karen (Taylor) is currently preparing for retirement from her tenure at the University of Miami.  Althea, later becoming Althea King ultimately finalized her career as Principal at Southridge Senior High School, in Cutler Ridge. 
    Jerald attended school at Rainbow Park Elementary, North Dade Jr. Sr. High, and Miami Carol City Sr. High. His leadership potential began surfacing, early, when he became the Drum Major of his senior high school marching band (1965-1967), and captain of his college’s Judo team. After Graduating college with a degree in Business Administration and Computer Sciences, Jerald started his career in Computer Sciences, in Miami, at Eastern Airlines-System One, Doral Computer Center. After The airlines’ final days, Jerald’s job assignments, with other corporations, spanned entitlements from Sr. Programmer to Systems Analyst Supervisor. His expertise provided him opportunities and leadership experiences from Norway to Morocco. After returning from Europe he acted as liaison for Miami International Aviation Department to The Census Bureau and U.S. Customs. Jerald is the designer and developer of the widely and presently used Automated Broker Interface (ABI) System. This system tracks and clears cargo on a global level.
     Jerald decided to walk away from his career to take cake of his ailing mother who was stricken with severe dementia. After four years of 24-7 care taking, when his mom’s ‘going home’ services were closed and finalized, a new chapter began when Jerald reunited with a past love; Ms. Joycelyn Park. Graduating together from the same high school, parting ways, uniting as a couple in the early ‘80s, parting ways again (Joycelyn teaching in  Miami – Jerald working with British Telecom (systems designing) in Europe), and re-uniting in 2008, they decided to marry March 21, 2009.
    Jerald decided not to return to his computer sciences career.  With his knowledge of systems development he decided to go in business for himself. With an ever-growing passion for alternative energy he started PHOENIX ENERGY SYSTEMS.  Jerald seeks to develop a system of  energy source which will be affordable by the masses. His first accomplishment, PEGS©-phase1, has been in service for the better part of 2011. PEGS©-Phase2 is scheduled for completion at the end of 2011. This system promises to produce more power and may be available to the public at the beginning of 2012. PHOENIX ENERGY SYSTEMS’ operations has expanded as a vendor for the U.S. Government, its agencies, and the military.