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With over five decades of rich experience in the hospitality business, HRH Group of Hotels has developed many robust and integrated systems / software for efficient running of your hospitality business and effective monitoring of various business processes.

These software packages consist of very powerful systems like

• Hotel Management System (HMS) • Central Reservation System (CRS) • eCRM & Sales Force Automation (SFA) • Integrated Financial, Fund Flow & Treasury Management(FFTM) • Material Management System (MMS) • Human Resource Information System (HRIS) • Point of Sale System (POS) • Loyalty Membership Management System (LCM) • Fixed Asset Management System (FAM) • Repair and Maintenance Management System (RMS) • PR and Contact Management(PRM) • Legal Cases and Affairs Management System (LAM)

These products are very closely integrated and can be run in a 'packaged form’ with end to end functionality, or can be run in stand-alone mode also and interfaced with your existing software (if required).

In case you have already invested in software and wish to continue using the same, then we have our other value proposition for you in the form of our ‘Managed IT Services’, in which we offer :

• Trained and Qualified Manpower • Standardized processes as per ISO 9001:2008 • Help Desk for email and telephonic support • Data Backup and Secure Storage • Training of Users • Upgradation of Software Platform • Customised Software Development as per your requirement • Running and Maintaining Legacy Software & Application • Securing your Digital Assets • Vendor Management and Negotiations • Cost Reduction in IT Operation

HRH InfoTech is the pioneer in Hospitality Technology Solutions and Services with over 65+ man years of experience with our IT team which has developed over 25 products suitable for the Hospitality Industry.

We work with you as your “Trusted Partner” on a Risk and Reward sharing relationship. You focus on your core business, while we make IT run for you! No more distraction from your business due to people, processes or technology issues. We have marquee names as our clients, these packages have been successfully running in some of the largest properties, over several years and are proven for their robustness, simplicity and efficiency. To know more, please visit our website