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on 15.12.2006 released optiPoint 150 S V1.0 R0.31.0 (AKA V1.31, nor V1.29 neither V1.30 were released officially), we could now update the interoperability matrix and the optiPoint 150 S main article / release note pages too.
--Kimera 11:44, 20 December 2006 (CET)

Just one question:
was the optiPoint 150 S V1.0 R0.31.0 (V1.31) released/supported on the HiPath 8000 V2.0 or on the HiPath V2.2 ?
I think it was supported starting from HiPath 8000 V2.2 (at least since optiPoint 150 S V1.0 R0.22.0 AKA V1.22) software earlier release.

The HiPath 8000 V2.2 SMR01 Patchset 11 exist/existed.
The HiPath 8000 V2.0 SMR03 Patchset 05 exist/existed.
The HiPath 8000 V2.0 PS11 E07 didn't exist, isn't it ?

The Release Note of optiPoint 150 S V1.0 R0.31.0, under Compliant Product section, reports something about the HiPath 8000 V2.0 compatibility: that information, IMHO, is still written in a wrong way (Shouldn't be V2.2 ?).
--Kimera 19:07, 17 January 2007 (CET)