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Why doesn't the Proportions Attribute work within the IppForm Object? I use the Openstage 60 Phone. The Display doesn't use column width given by the Proportions Attribute.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

<IppDisplay InitialScreen="1"> <IppScreen ID="1" CommandCount="0" HiddenCount="0"> <IppForm ItemCount="4" Proportions="15_85"> <Url>localhost</Url> <Title/> <IppStringItem> <Label/> <Text>aaa</Text> </IppStringItem> <IppStringItem> <Label/> <Text>bbb</Text> </IppStringItem> <IppStringItem> <Label/> <Text>ccc</Text> </IppStringItem> <IppStringItem> <Label/> <Text>ddd</Text> </IppStringItem> </IppForm> </IppScreen> </IppDisplay>

Sorry, there is an error in the Developer's Guide. The attribute is named "Proportion" instead of "Propoertions". The error will be corrected in the next version of the Guide.