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CallBridge IP precondition


I read:

  • IP Phone uses Cornet TS protocol (not SIP !)

as a precondition to use CallBridge IP, could we write a sentence like:

  • IP phones (CorNet-IP variant only) use CallBridge IP as CorNet TSP provider.

This to underline the fact that CallBridge IP can't be (actually ?) used with SIP IP workpoints.

However, the ending note (not SIP !) about SIP IP workpoints, should be clarified as well so we'll able to write down something about them and CTI.

--Kimera 23:20, 20 November 2006 (CET)

CallBridge IP for HiPath 2000

Is it possible to use Call Bridge IP with a HiPath 2000. When installing the software it does not give the option to install for a HiPath 2000.

HiPath CallBridge IP (CallBridge Collection V2.0.00.11), once selected, asks you, during the installation process, which platform the optiPoint IP are connected to. These platforms currently are:

  • HiPath 3800 (Respectively V5.0 or V6.0)
  • HiPath 3000 V5.0 or later (>= V5.0, so V6.0 too)
  • HiPath 3000 V4.0 or earlier (=< V4.0)
  • HiPath 2000 (Unspecified if V1.0 because, actually, it must be V1.0)

--Kimera 23:40, 25 February 2007 (CET)