Support of LDAP on OpenStage 40

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Family: OpenStage
Model: OpenStage 40
Relation: API/SDK related
Release: V2 R1

The access to a LDAP server is provided on OpenStage 40.

The LDAP feature is ported from the existing OpenStage 60/80 implementation. The user interface will be mapped to the OpenStage 40 capabilities.

The LDAP feature will be placed under the Menu/Settings key for both SIP and HFA – This decision is driven by HFA because the Messages/records key on an HFA OpenStage 40 must have an immediate stimulus action, i.e. the key press is passed to the Hipath, whereas the Menu/settings key is handled locally and presents a choice of functions without immediately causing a Stimulus action.

Additional information about the LDAP functionality can be found at LDAP on OpenStage.