Start XML Applications on FPK

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Family: OpenStage
Model: OpenStage 40
OpenStage 60
OpenStage 80
Relation: API/SDK related
Release: V1 R5

The user must be able to start a configured application via FPK. The key press should automatically switch to the application which is running inside a tab as if selected (tabbed to) via the Settings mode key and the key press will also start the configured application if it is no already running. This was requested from many customers. It is not acceptable to only be able to start important applications via the application mode key and tab browsing.

Pressing the FPK when the application is already running will bring the application to the front and into focus. The FPK is not required to stop an XML application instance that is already running on the phone.

The monitoring user is informed of the state of the remote device by the LED associated with the BLF FPK and optionally by a alert tone/beep when the remote device receives an incoming call.

Additional functionality may be provided by the monitored users device by having an associated FPK and modifying the action performed when pressing the key depending on the current dialog state. For example when idle pressing the key may initiate a call to the monitored user and when ringing press-ing the key may initiate a pickup of the ringing call. In the HiPath 8000 environment BLF type functionality is provided by the DSS feature.

The configuration can be done on the first level of an FPK goto

System -> Services -> Program Key

and select the function Start application

Start XML Applications on FPK 1.png

The Key Label and the application name must be configured.

Start XML Applications on FPK 2.png

The key configuration is also available from the user menu. The user can program the key through FPK long press.

  • Key Label: Name of the FPK displayed on the screen
  • Application Name: Select list of installed XML applications