S5 Phone Editor Language

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This is a description how to change the phone book editor language of the Unify DECT handset family. This feature is available for the OpenScape DECT Phone S5 / OpenScape DECT Phone SL5 and successor products.

The following phone book editor languages are available:
Latin 1 (Standard), Latin 2, Cyrillic, Greece, Turkey and Arabic

This is the instruction to change this phone book editor language:
(1) Switch off the handset

  • Press the red on-hook key until the confirmation beep is played

(2) Access the Service Menu

  • Press keys 1, 4 and 7 simultaneously whilst at the same time pressing the red on-hook key
  • After the Display Shows "Service" enter the code 76200

(3) Select the Phonebook Language

  • Please scroll down to Charset Editor (last entry) and select the entry with "OK"
  • Please select the required language and confirm with "Select"
  • Please confirm the warning that the Phonebook will be set to default after a new language is selected; this is done to prevent mismatches in the character mapping between the different languages
  • Please select "Back" two times to leave the Service Menu