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The following is a supported Country tones list of OpenStage SIP phones with English short country names officially used by the ISO 3166/MA, which uses country names from United Nations sources.

ISO 3166/MA country code Country name Native name
AR Argentina Argentina
AU Australia Australia
AT Austria Österreich
BE Belgium Belgium
BR Brazil Brasil
CA Canada Canada
CL Chile Chile
CN China 中国
HR Croatia Hrvatska
CZ Czech Republic Česká republika
DK Denmark Danmark
FI Finland Suomi
FR France France
DE Germany Deutschland
HU Hungary Magyarország
IN India India
IE Ireland Ireland
IT Italy Italia
JP Japan Japan
KR Korea 대한민국
LU Luxembourg Luxemburg
MX Mexico México
NL Netherlands Nederland
NZ New Zealand New Zealand
NO Norway Norge
PL Poland Polska
PT Portugal Portugal
RU Russian Federation Россия
SG Singapore Singapore
SK Slovakia Slovensko
ZA South Africa South Africa
ES Spain España
SE Sweden Sverige
CH Switzerland Schweiz
TH Thailand Thailand
TR Turkey Türkiye
UK United Kingdom United Kingdom
US United States United States
VN Viet Nam Việt Nam

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