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OpenScape Enterprise Express is our solution for small to mid-size (SMB) companies (200 to 5,000 users) looking for answers to the question of reducing operational expenses and increasing team productivity. OpenScape Enterprise Express provides a complete UC solution with the following applications included in the base OpenScape Enterprise Express package:

  • OpenScape Voice
  • OpenScape Contact Center
  • OpenScape Xpressions (Unified Messaging)
  • OpenScape UC Application
  • OpenScape Common Management Platform
  • OpenScape Deployment Service
  • OpenScape User Management


OpenScape Enterprise Express offers SMB enterprises a fully featured UC solution, deliverable as virtualized software or on pre-installed, pre-configured hardware. Fast installation and no need to integrate applications yourself make OpenScape Enterprise Express an extremely easy way to bring the cost-saving benefits of UC to your enterprise or small business.

The standalone, base package can support up to 200 subscribers, but up to 5,000 subscribers can be supported through the use of expansion packages.

OpenScape Enterprise Express can be further enhanced by adding other elements and offerings from the OpenScape portfolio. In this way, solutions can be further customized based on a customer's specific needs.


OpenScape Enterprise Express brings a fully featured UC solution to small and medium enterprises.

  • All-In-One Unified Communication solution for small and medium enterprises
    • SIP-based voice and UC communications
    • In-house audio and web conferencing
    • Rich presence management
    • Instant Messaging (IM)
    • Unified Messaging including e-mail, voicemail, fax mail, and SMS to multiple devices
    • Mobile clients for Android and iOS devices
    • One Number Service
    • VMware® hypervisor
    • Pre-integrated to speed up installation and activation
    • Pre-configured with customer specific user data, numbering plans and routing tables

OpenScape Voice

OpenScape Voice is the software-based, enterprise voice application sitting at the center of the OpenScape Enterprise Express solution. This SIP-based voice application has been designed with data center deployments in mind and for use within a virtualized architecture. OpenScape Voice is standards-based and provides session management for all network communication. Integrating additional solution components including phones, gateways, and survivability appliances is also possible with OpenScape Voice.

OpenScape Voice’s list of features includes:

  • SIP-based session management
  • HD Audio
  • Built-in media server
  • SIP Trunking
  • Secure communications with end-to-end encryption and VPN
  • Auto-attendant
  • Group calling and conferencing

OpenScape Contact Center

OpenScape Contact Center provides a feature-rich contact center solution. The base OSEE package supports 2 groups and 50 total agents (including 2 managers), with more able to be added through expansion packs. Agent desktop clients feature soft-phone controls, a team list, speed list, personal performance bar, and activity logs. Manager desktop clients also allow access to real-time, cumulative, and historical reports as well as the activity logs of the agents on their team.

OpenScape Xpressions

OpenScape Xpressions brings unified messaging to the OpenScape Enterprise Express solution. It provides the following voicemail and unified messaging features:

  • A centralized repository for e-mail, voicemail, and fax messages
  • Telephone or web management interface for end users
  • Send, receive, forward, or delete voicemails via the telephone or web interfaces
  • Auto-Attendant integrated with OpenScape Contact Center
  • Optional speech-enabled voice portal

OpenScape UC Application Features

OpenScape UC Application allows for increased collaboration and speedy decision making. Its all-in-one client allows for rich user and device presence information, contact lists, click-to-dial, and call journals, while its one number service lets user stay connected and reachable from anywhere they choose to work. Other features supported by the OpenScape UC Application include: ad-hoc, dial-in/meet-me, and scheduled conferencing; organization of private contacts; mobile user support; and rules-based call routing

OpenScape Common Management Platform

OpenScape Common Management Platform is the single, unifying management platform for all components of the OpenScape Enterprise Express solution. Its features include:

  • Browser-based administration and configuration interface for the entire OSEE solution
  • Uniform interface across system and user management applications
  • System-specific configuration programs
  • Centrally administered rights available via single-sign-on workstation login
  • Other services like Alarm Indicators and Backup-and-Restore functionality

OpenScape User Management

OpenScape User Management allows for a centralized area for resource assignment within the OpenScape Enterprise Express solution. Its features include:

  • Template-driven user resource assignment
  • Pre-defined configurations including resource and user templates
  • User data input from tables, LDAP directories, or manually

OpenScape Deployment Service

OpenScape Deployment Service provides many ease of use features to the OpenScape Enterprise Express, including:

  • Plug-and-Play deployment for OpenStage and 3rd Party IP phones
  • Inventory management
  • QoS policy administration
  • Device security certificates
  • Zero-touch client installation

Supported phones and devices

Further Information

For further information, please visit the OpenScape Enterprise Express webpage.

You can also find additional information in the following PDF documents: