OpenScape Desk Phone CP700X Easy Deployment

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Easy Deployment in Detail

This is a short introduction to the OpenScape Desk Phone CP700X Easy deployment feature

The easy deployment process consists of three phases:

  • WLAN discovery (optional)
  • Pre-Configuration using LAN connection (optional)
  • Deployment service discovery
  • Manual Configuration

1) WLAN discovery

The WLAN discovery process is initiated when the CP700X starts up and does not have any WLAN systems configured and no LAN connection is provided (see 2). In this case, it will try to connect to a predefined WLAN with the following configuration:

  • Security key: WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK
  • WPA-PSK passphrase: AWS-INIT

All other network parameters are at their default settings, which mean:

  • DHCP mode: On
  • 802.11 protocol: 802.11b/g/n
  • 802.11b/g/n channels: 1,6,11
  • World mode regulatory domain: World mode (802.11d)

If the phone has not successfully connected to this WLAN within ten seconds, it will continue to try to connect for ten seconds again until one succeeds.

This process can also be interrupted by configuring the phone either through the local admin menu (see 4) or through the Deployment server (see 3). As soon as one (WiFi) Network has an entry, probing of AWS-INIT will stop.

2) Pre-Configuration using LAN connection

The OpenScape Desk Phone CP700X is equipped with a LAN switch like all other models of the family. The device has the same capabilities and performs the same action as all other family members as soon as a LAN cable is connected.

In that case the WiFi connection is automatically switched off and a fall back to OpenScape Desk Phone CP phone in LAN mode is done. All features known from the rest of the family are also applicable to the CP700X in that mode.

3) Deployment Service

Once connection is established using WiFi or LAN the phone will discover the network environment using DHCP. Please be aware that the CP700X will use the configured WiFi setting automatically as soon as the LAN cable is removed. The CP700X follow the same options as the rest of the CP family already has. In principle two different deployment methods are available:

  1. Deployment Service: This is our own deployment server. It can deploy many phones in parallel and allows automatic deployment too. The location of the deployment service can be provided using DHCP.
  2. Device Management System: The OpenScape Desk Phone CP family has an open XML based interface to configure the device remotely. A detailed description can be found here.

The standard on premise deployment can be extended by Zero Touch Deployment using the description here.

4) Manual configuration

In particular, every setting can be done manually. That is valid for the WiFi setting too. A short video is shown the configuration on the CP700X:

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