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The OpenStage Stand puts up your OpenStage telephone to ease the operation of your phone, improve the visibility of the key panel and make the phone handling more comfortable. The stands are made of light aluminium and do not slip at all.

There are six versions available (different stands according different phone/key module sizes) with their order numbers:

Description Order number
OpenStage Stand OS10 L30250-F600-C260
OpenStage Stand OS15/20/30 L30250-F600-C261
OpenStage Stand OS40 L30250-F600-C262
OpenStage Stand OS60/80 L30250-F600-C263
OpenStage Stand OS15-Key Module L30250-F600-C264
OpenStage Stand OS40/60/80-Key Module L30250-F600-C265

The OpenStage Stand is part of the OpenStage Accessories.


The OpenStage Stand is shipped with a printed document providing all information needed for installation.

pdf.png  OpenStage Stand

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