How do I provide files for download?

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The Wiki offers an extended means of quickly and simply performing the file upload and creating links on the article page for the file download.

Details of embedding image and multimedia files in an article, so that they are immediately visible or audible in the article, can be found in the information on images and multimedia.

Permitted File Types

The following image file types have been permitted to date for uploading:

  • png, gif, jpg, jpeg

... as well as the following multimedia file types:

  • swf, svg, mp3

The following file types can now also be uploaded:

  • zip, pdf, xml, img

The list can be extended - please contact A list of unpermitted file types can be found further below.

Uploading on the basis of FTP and manual linking, for example, can therefore be omitted for the file types zip, pdf, xml and img.


Uploading is performed as usual with Upload file.

The file must not exceed 20 MB and there cannot be more than one file with the same file name (incl. file type). Please note also that the name of the file being uploaded may differ from the file name in Wiki (Destination filename).

You can also perform the uploading by setting the link syntax outlined below and clicking the link.

The file can then be incorporated in the article.

Incorporation in the Article for Downloading

Files of the type zip, pdf, xml and img can be entered with the following syntax in an article for downloading:

{{File-DL|File name|File type}}

For example the file Test.pdf:


The result looks like this (examples):

  • pdf.png  Test   for a PDF file
  • zip.png  Test   for a ZIP file
  • xml.png  Test   for an XML file
  • Description page of this IMG file  Test   for an IMG file

The file name specified under File-DL can contain blanks. The associated, uploaded file on the other hand cannot contain blanks.
Example: A file with the name File_name is loaded with File name.

If an unknown file type is specified, the link looks like this:

Uppercase/lowercase usage is differentiated. The file name specified as Destination filename is also displayed as a visible link text.

For some file types you need a special software to use the files:

Please refer to Wiki:Flag symbols to use the proper language codes for file download.

Download Link Symbol

Each download link has an additional symbol link in front of the file name (example: link={{{1}}} ). A click on this symbol link opens the description page of the file.

This description page provides:

  • Information about the file size in KB
  • The MIME type of the file, e.g. application/zip
  • A file history with the ability to download older file versions (if applicable)
  • Information of pages linked to this file

Unpermitted File Types

For security reasons, among other things, the following file types are not released for uploading and downloading using the Wiki interface.

  • HTML files: html, htm, js, jsb
  • PHP files: php, phtml, php3, php4, phps, shtml
  • Executable files: exe, scr, dll, msi, vbs, bat, com, pif, cmd, vxd, cpl
  • Other files: jhtml, pl, py, cgi

Zip these if they are to be downloadable.