How can I navigate in this Wiki?

The Wiki of Unify contains information on clients and devices, communications systems and unified communications. - Unify GmbH & Co. KG is a Trademark Licensee of Siemens AG.

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The Wiki offers various options to help you navigate within it. On the Main Page you will find links to the main portal pages. In addition you can select certain functions directly from the menus.

If you are primarily a Wiki reader, you will mostly be using the main menu. If you would like to be actively involved in the construction of the Wiki, you will be using functions that are called up by further menus. See also What editing functions provides this Wiki?.

Main Menu

The main menu is found at the top of each article, including on this page.

  • Home brings you to the main page where you will find a full overview.
  • Devices provides an overview of the phones dealt with in this Wiki.
  • Communications Systems provides a similar overview of the platforms dealt with.
  • Unified Communications provides informations about UC.
  • The Wiki features an indexed full-text search facility that lets you search for both article titles or parts thereof or any terms within articles or other description pages. Go will bring you directly to the article, if it exists. Search displays a list of hits matching your criteria.

Information Area



  • OpenStage Training shows OpenStage training videos and Quick Reference Cards.
  • Product Photo Gallery provides a large number of images, screenshots etc.
  • Glossary is an alphabetically sorted list of specialist terms and abbreviations.
  • FAQ offers a thematic overview of frequently asked questions with the corresponding answers.
  • How To is a resource of procedure descriptions.
  • White Papers are more extensive technical explanations or specifications.
  • Your Assistance is intended as a portal where you can record your questions, suggestions, and experiences.

Wiki Internal:

Toolbox Area

The menu items under Toolbox depend on the article selected; the links shown will always be appropriate to the selection.

  • What links here shows a list of all the pages that point to the selected page. The longer the list, the better the article is networked with other articles.
  • Related changes brings you to a chronologically sorted list with changes in articles that point to the selected page.
  • Upload file lets you upload files.
  • Special pages lists automatically generated special pages.
  • Printable version shows the respective article in a printer-friendly layout.
  • Permanent link can be used to send the URL of a specific version of an article, for example.

Other Links

  • Diese Seite auf Deutsch shows the respective page in German language.
  • Printable version shows the respective article in a printer-friendly layout.
  • Share on Facebook lets you share the information on Facebook community.