HiPath ProCenter V7.0 features comparative

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Below a table in which HiPath ProCenter V7.0 (Agile and Enterprise) features are compared against heritage HiPath ProCenter versions (HiPath ProCenter V5.1 and HiPath ProCenter V6.5).

HiPath ProCenter V7.0 feature compared to V5.1 compared to V6.5
Web Collaboration (Auto-push URL component) New[1] New
Web Collaboration (Auto-push message component) New[1] New
Web Collaboration (Auto-push performance message component) New[1] New
Web Collaboration (Ability to print Contact Details window) New New
Web Collaboration (Initiate new e-mail during session) New New
Web Collaboration (Ability to display URL scripting) Existing New
Web Collaboration (Ability to requeue web session, while original agent remains active in the session) Enhanced New
Web Collaboration (Included in Agent Desktop productivity tools) New New
Web Collaboration (Ability to silent monitor a web session) Existing New
Networking (Consider multiple criteria and associated thresholds before networking a call) New New
Networking (Performance criteria based on queue) New New
Networking (Time of day/day of week networking) New[1] New
Networking (Local performance decision component) New[1] New
Networking (Distribution decision component) New[1] New
Networking (Network selection component) New[1] New
Networking (Keep local component) New[1] New
Networking reports (Site network performance real-time report) New New
Networking reports (Queue network statistics real-time report) Existing New
Networking reports (Queue network traffic historical report) Existing New
Networking reports (Queue network traffic cumulative report) Existing New
Networking (Central reporting server) Existing New
Reporting (Wrap-Up reason report by queue) Existing New
Reporting (Configure First day of the week) New New
Reporting (User State for Direct contacts) Enhanced New
Reporting (Historical Contact/Source report) Existing New
Reporting (User by Queue report) Existing New
Reporting (Queue by User report) Existing New
Reporting (Detailed Callback historical report) Enhanced New
Reporting (User State Reason report) Existing New
Administration (User import) Existing New
Administration (User templates) New New
Agent Desktop (enhanced LDAP search functionality) New New
Outbound (URL scripting by queue) Existing New
Outbound (extended scripting by adding contact data keys) New New
Outbound (List Import functionality) Existing New
Outbound (Enhanced handling of expired Callbacks) Enhanced New
Capacity (Support multiple HiPath ProCenter systems on a single switch[1]) New New
Multi-tenancy (Tenanted resources in a single HiPath ProCenter system) Enhanced Existing
SDK (New set of Real-Time statistics and aggregates) New New
SDK (Event-based statistics interface) New New
SDK (Scheduled Callback via SDK) New New
SDK (Pricing and licensing control) New New
SDK (E-mail templates and administration) New New
SDK (New event notifications) New New
SDK (CRM Capabilities) Existing New
Design Center (Custom Functions) Enhanced New
SAP CRM Ready Integration Existing New
Microsoft CRM Integration New Existing
Siebel Support via SDK Template Existing New
OpenScape Voice Integration New New
OpenScape Voice Attendant Console New New

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8
    Part of HiPath ProCenter Design Center module which is a new concept compared to HiPath ProCenter V5.1 and provides extended flexibility for web collaboration workflow strategies.