Flash Extension Test

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Steps to embed a flash movie

  1. Upload the flash movie (in this wiki, you can upload files with .swf extension). Remember the file name!
  2. Edit the page where you want to embed the flash movie. Go to the position in the page contents where you want to embed the flash movie.
  3. Enter something like this: <flash>file=Histbahn.swf|width=600|height=400|scale=exactfit</flash>
  4. Save your page and try it out!

Hints to the embed syntax

  • The embed markup is <flash>...</flash>
  • Between <flash> and </flash> you enter the desired data for the flash movie.
  • With file= you specify the flash movie file. Note that the first character of file names has to be uppercase if it is a letter, even if you entered a lowercase first letter.
  • Width width= and height= you specify the display dimension of the flash movie.
  • Use scale=exactfit to overwrite the flash movie's own width and height specifications.