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Use this symbols to show the reader the language of a link target or the language of a PDF file differing from the main article language. The both allowed main article languages are English and German.


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Countries (Languages)

List in alphabetic order.

  • Denmark  Denmark (Danish)
  • Finland  Finland (Finnish)
  • France  France (French)
  • Deutschland  Germany (German)
  • International (English)  International (English)
  • Italy  Italy (Italian)
  • Latvia  Latvia (Latvian)
  • The Netherlands  The Netherlands (Dutch)
  • Poland  Poland (Polish)
  • Portugal  Portugal (Portuguese)
  • Slovenia  Slovenia (Slovenian)
  • Spain  Spain (Spanish)
  • Sweden  Sweden (Swedish)
  • Turkey  Turkey (Turkish)
  • United Kingdom  United Kingdom (UK English)
  • United States of America  United States of America (US English)

Language codes in file symbols

The following symbols are used in templates Template:File-DL.

Used only in case of a German file is linked within an English content and vice versa.

  • link={{{1}}}  A German PDF document within English text.
  • link={{{1}}}  An English PDF document within German text.
  • link={{{1}}}  A German ZIP document within English text.
  • link={{{1}}}  An English ZIP document within German text.

In all other cases the neutral file symbol (e.g. link={{{1}}} ) has to be used.