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Master Data Configurator and Modelizer

This Wiki provides explainations and answers for ECS and Quicksales Modelizer related topics. As a sales engineer you might be interested in this subject.

Global Information


  • Last delivery: Delta Package 42,

Relase Date: February 3, 2014

  • EKB Version
devices.ekbVersion 42001
hip4000.ekbVersion 42006
hip4000.sdbVersion 42006
hip4000c.ekbVersion 42006
hip4000c.sdbVersion 42006
hp3kim9.ekbVersion 42000
hpxpr.ekbVersion 42001
lmo.ekbVersion 39100
osbizv1.ekbVersion 42003
osov3.ekbVersion 42000

  • ECS Version 7.12o

  • Quicksales Modelizer

Modelizer Version CR 42006

  • SmartOffer

Rule Version V41.2


Known Issue


  • At the moment none necessarily

Schedule for Delta Packages

Schedule 2014 for Delta Packages


  • User manual for the EKB configuration tool

  • HiPath4000 Expansion Orders

Expansion orders of HiPath4000 systems using the IBASE data. The tool support for HiPath4000 expansion orders is based on the "as-is" data of the customer system concerned, i.e., the actual hardware (and software) configuration at the time of the order. The necessary hardware information is obtained from the system in the form of a "partial REGEN" batch file, which contains AMO commands for "regenerating" the relevant system hardware configuration (line cards, shelves, locations, etc.). This data is stored in IBASE under the appropriate system number, in addition to the feature numbers (L-numbers) and quantities ordered in previous tool sessions. In the case of new orders, the information is provided by the original KONDA (CONDA) generating batch file, which reflects the "as-is" configuration status of the system only until the first partial REGEN file can be generated. The partial REGEN batch file is generated in the HiPath system concerned with the aid of a special Service procedure, and automatically stored in the IBASE inventory data. Please refer to the relevant Service page for details. A newer partial REGEN file obtained from a customer system and loaded in the tool for a system expansion order can also be transferred to IBASE using the "Configuration Service" function of the tool. See also below.  

  • Partial REGEN

A "partial REGEN" is an AMO batch file that contains configuration data similar to the KONDA/CONDA (see below), but obtained as output from a HiPath system in response to a REGEN AMO call-up. The AMO commands reflect the "as-is" hardware configuration status of the system concerned, i.e., information on line cards, shelves, locations, etc. The name "partial REGEN" is derived from the fact that the file is required to contain only a limited subset of the total AMO information available in a HiPath system.

example Media:Teilreg_Beispiel.pdf

  • KONDA/CONDA = Configuration Data

The CONDA file (KONDA is the German acronym) contains an AMO command batch for generating the hardware and software configuration data in the HiPath system (e.g., boxes, shelf types, line cards, system software, etc.). The CONDA file is generated in the configuration tool when a system is first ordered, and also later as a result of each subsequent system expansion order. The information is stored in IBASE and can also be downloaded from DIAMOS by Service engineers. The CONDA file reflects the "as-sold" status of a system.

example Media:KONDA-Beispiel.jpg

  • How do I get CONDA access?

IF you need the CONDA regularly, an SAP account can be requested.

Please contact Mr. Schmidt, Rudolf; FIN IT GO 5;

  • KONDA/CONDA or partial REGEN

The IBASE data of a HiPath 4000 system will always contain CONDA files ("as-sold" information) and, once this information has first been generated and stored, partial REGEN files ("as-is" information) . For the purposes of the configuration tool, the hardware information contained in the newest file is always definitive.

  • What information is stored in the IBASE?

For each HiPath system number stored, the IBASE data contains three (3) distinct data blocks with relevant inventory information.

  -  Customer data 
  -  Feature data (ordered L-numbers and quantities) 
  -  Hardware configuration data, as defined in the CONDA ("as-sold" information) or partial REGEN ("as-is" information).

After each expansion order, the IBASE content for the system concerned is updated and stored in full. The previous IBASE records remain unchanged and available in the archive. Archived data records can be restored (re-activated) at any time, if required.

  • Upload Partial REGEN to IBASE

For direct Sales

please see SIRA-Hompage

For Partners

Upload Partial REGEN via ConfigService IBASE Content Beispiel Media:IBASE-Inhalt-ext.pdf

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