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This is a template for a phone article. The used sections are suggestions and can be changed.

The PhoneName ... (Introduction/Overview)

Hardware Feature Overview

Phone range

  • (Introduction)
  • List of the phones within this phone family
  • (Additional information)


  • (Introduction)
  • List of the traditional documentation (PDF)
  • (Additional information)

Platforms / Systems

  • (Introduction)
  • List of the approved communications systems
  • (Additional information)

Firmware / Software

  • (Introduction)
  • Software version number
  • Link to the Release Note of the software

Call features

  • (Introduction)
  • (Additional information)

Local Call Features

Central Call Features

End of Life information

  • (Introduction)
  • (Additional information)

Mass deployment

  • (Introduction)
  • (Additional information)

Add-on devices, Adapters and Accessories

List of accessories

How To

Suitable task descriptions with links to corresponding procedures in the How To article(s)


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See also

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External links

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