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In this Wiki we use Templates in many different cases (see also Templates on Getting Started).
A special form of Templates are the following SeeAlso Templates.

These Templates are used to reduce the editorial redundancy of pages depending on certain topic cluster.

The Templates should only be used for English articles.

Currently existing Templates

Editing an existing Template

In general you have two ways to edit a Template:

  1. Open one of the Templates above and click on edit or
  2. go to an article, which has one of these Templates included, scroll to the section See also and click on edit on the right hand side.

After click on Save page the changes are visible in all articles listet in the respective Template.

If one new article was added in this Wiki, which depends on one of the topic cluster above, simply enhance the link list in the appropriate Template and add the Template syntax
Template:SeeAlso (cluster name) e.g. at the end of the new article.

Keep in your mind that the section headline See also is already covered in the Template. You don't have to write it again in the article.
If it's necessary to add extra See also links in only one article (maybe more special topics), just add this links below the SeeAlso Template syntax in the main article.

Adding a new Template

Please agree with the Wiki administrators to add a new SeeAlso Template and contact