DLS Mass Deployment

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The OpenScape Deployment Service (DLS) is best suited for mass deployment scenarios with the characteristics like:

  • Communication solutions sized for medium-size and large businesses (i.e.installations typically ranging from 1000 - 10,000 subscribers).
  • A stronger focus on internal communication performance, in other words the company runs key IT components itself. A typical example of this scenario is a OpenScape Voice realtime communication system installed in a company’s data center.
  • Trained and skilled personnel available (IT, LAN and server operation), company-performed maintenance

Using DLS requires a few things like ...

  • a server hosting the application with its components (e.g. integrated database)
  • clients to log-in (either on desktop PC or mobile computers)
  • DHCP provided in the LAN (supporting option 43 for plug & play)
  • If DHCP option 43 is not available (e.g. cloud deployments) pls. send us an e-mail us for additional information

DLS mass deployment is available for the following IP Devices (both SIP and HFA):