Configuration of MWI count names

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Family: OpenStage
Model: OpenStage 60
OpenStage 80
Relation: Phone related
Release: V2 R0

The basic feature is twofold:

  1. To allow alternative labels for each of the four counts displayed by the Messaging phonelet (new, new urgent, old and old urgent) to be configured. The existing labels will be used as defaults where no alternative labels are specified. Note that default labels will be subject to translation according to the phone’s language setting (as they currently are), whereas configured labels will not be translated and will need to be specified in the appropriate language.
  2. To allow the counts associated with the new urgent, old and old urgent categories of message to be marked as displayed or hidden. (It will not be possible to hide the display of new messages.)

Note that configuration will only be possible via an administration interface; the phone user will have no control over the settings.

In the current implementation (V1 R5), if there are no new messages reported by the messaging server, the single line of text No new messages is displayed, along with an option to call the mail system). Otherwise either the text New messages is displayed if the messaging server provides no count sum-mary, or, if counts are provided by the server, four lines of display are shown corresponding to the counts (including the counts that are 0), again with an option to call the mail system.

With this new development, instead of having all four counts always displayed in the case where count details are provided, it will be possible to hide some of the counts. For example counts associated with the display of old messages and old urgent messages may be hidden in the case where the user is only interested in knowing about the total of new messages.

The display of No messages will be given if count data is received from the server but all the counts configured for display are zero, so for example if the server reports no new message but two old messages, if the display of old messages is marked as hidden, then the display will show No messages. In the case where the messaging server does not provide count information, but only an indication of messages or no messages, the display will con-tinue to show No new messages rather than No messages. This is for backward compatibility with existing systems where counts are not used.

Example for hidden urgent messages

As a consequence of these changes, no difference in operation will be seen when interworking with servers (such as Xpressions) that do not provide count data. In the case of servers that do provide count data, a difference will be seen in the case where the server indicates that only old messages are present. Currently, the display shows No new messages which means it is not possible to view the status of old messages when there are no new messages present. With this development in place, the count summary will always be shown in the case where at least one of the counts configured for dis-play is non zero.

WBM Settings for configurable MWI items