Configurable flag to delete call log contents

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The feature deletes the Call Log of a specific device. It is available through the OpenStage WPI only. Therefore the OpenScape Deployment Service (DLS) or an alternative provisioning service is needed to use this feature.

The DLS implementation can be found at the IP Phone Configuration > Miscellaneous > Call Log Tab:


The WPI enhancement

clear-calllog (Configurable flag to delete call log contents).

Since this is a command from the provisioning service to the phone, it does not correspond to a permanent data item in the phone. In order to clear the call log, the provisioning service would send:

<Item name="clear-calllog">true</Item>

If the DLS asks the phone for the current setting of this attribute (either explicitly or via a read all), then the phone will always return:

<Item name="clear-calllog">false</Item>

The DLS should never try to set clear-calllog to false; if it does, then the phone will simply ignore the request.

The feature works for all OpenStage SIP phone types.