Audible Feedback when checking the ringer settings

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The requirement is to change the ringer selection UI provided by the user menu, such that while the user is browsing the tones/melodies or files, they are automatically played to indicate what the chosen ringer will sound like.

The current solution demands that the user selects the tone, melody or file, and then has to invoke a manual play option which involves more navigation and selection clicks, all of which have to be repeated to try another combination or file.

Phones with graphical display like OpenStage 80 Description Phones with double-line display like OpenStage 15
Audible-Feedback-1.png This phone set to use pattern ringer (sequence & melody) Audible-Feedback-1a.png
Audible-Feedback-2.png User is browsing the ringer options – current selection is Pattern. Note the playback does not commence when the menu is opened, it only starts when a new item is selected (scrolled to) Audible-Feedback-2a.png
Audible-Feedback-3.png User is browsing the ringer options – current scroll highlight is Ringerfile2 – so this will play when scrolled to. Note that the currently set ringer for the phone is still Pattern Audible-Feedback-3a.png
Audible-Feedback-4.png User is browsing the melodies – so this will play (Melody 4 seq 1) when scrolled to Audible-Feedback-4a.png