Activation of call view mode

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This feature has been introduced as a result of customer feedback on the usability of the phone UI tabbing mechanism. Currently the user is required to press the Telephony mode key to return to a telephony view (provided by Call View) on OpenStage 60/80, or to press the mode key currently in use again on OpenStage 40, OpenStage 20 and OpenStage 15). This was found to be non-intuitive by many users who would prefer to use the back-up (Left arrow) key of the touchguide instead.

A normal (not long) press of the Left arrow key whilst any line (not the tab navigation bar) of a top level screen of a phonelet is highlighted and active should change the mode focus to the Call View application. Prior to this feature pressing the Left arrow key in this condition would not have had any affect.

The top level screen on OpenStage 60/80 is the screen that is shown as a result of selecting a tab from the tab navigation bar of the application showing as a result of pressing the mode key, or the screen that is shown after pressing the mode key if it does not contain a tab navigation bar. On OpenStage 20/40 the top level screen is the tab tree that is shown when the mode key is pressed.

The range of applications that are supporting this feature is given below:

Application OpenStage 60/80 OpenStage 40
Phone Book & LDAP tick.gif tick.gif
All Call Log lists tick.gif tick.gif
Messages (server VM) tick.gif tick.gif
Messages (Xpressions) tick.gif
Messages (PBX) - -
Menu (User) tick.gif tick.gif
XML applications tick.gif
Java applications tick.gif
Help tick.gif