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If you are a provider of accessories for Siemens IP-phones, you can use this platform to promote this or just sharing your ideas with a worldwide community.

A range of application samples you find below.

If you are an application developer for Siemens IP-phones, please have a look at 3rd party application developers.

gebeCom GmbH

Video for OpenStage

If you want to use the OpenStage 60/80 display for video streaming, watching an IP-Camera, a Web-Stream or just some pictures, you need a g-Sec Box to enable the OpenStage 60/80 IP Phones with video capabilities.

Further information you can find at

The solution provides an complete video surveillance system with the option of integrating IP-Camera, Recording and playback any camera streams (permanent or motion based), switch control, sensor-control, user-management, notifications and all in either a web-browser or on the OpenStage via XML application.

The g-Sec Box provides XML application server to integrate your OpenStage XML applications into your network with out the need to setup a Server.