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m (Related links / information)
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== Related links / information ==
== Related links / information ==
* [[3rd party application developers|3rd party application developers area]]
* [[3rd party application developers|3rd party applications developers area]]
=== Tutorials / Knowledge Base ===
=== Tutorials / Knowledge Base ===

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The module has in built-in XML parser. Thus server based XML-applications can be accessed by the user using the application module. The application module with its 320x240 px color screen and its alphanumeric keyboard can be seen as an additional (beside an PC-browser) front-end to display and access web-content. It follows the very well-know client-server principle, where central internet content (Webserver) can be accessed by a PC-based browser. This makes it easy for web-developers to bring make their applications available for a telephone-display too. There are hardly no special skills needed to write XML-based phone applications for optiPoint application module. The only difference comes inherently with XML, which makes a better usage of the graphical capabilities of a telephone screen.
Like HTML is targeted for PC browsers and WML best for small mobile-phone displays, XML is optimal to represent web-content on phone displays.



Sample Applications

  • LDAP Push service
  • Mobile phone call screening

Third party development area

  • ASC
  • C4B

How To's

How to access sample XML applications

Related links / information

Tutorials / Knowledge Base

Developement tools