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== Ressources ==
== Ressources ==
* {{File-DL|Sample code XML-objects|zip}}
* {{File-DL|Sample code XML-objects|zip}}
* {{File-DL|Document Type Defintion (DTD)|zip}}
* {{File-DL|XML schemata file (DTD)|zip}}
== Sample Applications ==
== Sample Applications ==

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The module has in built-in XML parser. Thus server based XML-applications can be accessed by the user using the application module.

  • client/server principle
  • XML optimized fitted to graphical capabilities (HTML browser PC, WML small displays)
  • für Webentwickler einfache Migration



Sample Applications

  • LDAP Push service
  • Mobile phone call screening

Third party development area

  • ASC
  • C4B

How To's

How to access sample XML applications

Related information

Developement tools

  • XML editoren
  • Eclipse plugin


  • Apache
  • Tomcat