optiPoint application module FAQ

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1. What is required to run XML applications on the phone?
Simply the phone plus application module w/ SW starting V.5.0.33; Webserver, where the application itself resides and of course an IP-connection between the phone and the server.

2. Which telephones support XML applications?
optiPoint 410/420 standard or advance in CorNet-IP version. SIP is currently not supported.

3. Which Webservers can be used to host XML-applications?
Just, anything on the market, like Apache, Microsoft IIS, Tomcat etc Put the *xml files in the proper directory (e.g. Apache: htdocs)

4. What settings are needed to configure the phone?
Refer to the How-to document Setting up sample XML - applications. Applications can be accessed via the "Program" button on the APM.

5. What are the RGB values of APM background?
Answer still pendig - designaffairs