optiPoint 410/420 CorNet IP (HFA) to SIP migration

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This migration procedure is for upgrading an optiPoint 410/420 CorNet IP phone V5.1.2x to SIP V6.0.56 and later.

Connect the phone to LAN

Connect the optiPoint Cornet IP phone to the LAN (DHCP=on is default). The assumption is that DHCP is available in your local area network. The phone will reboot.

Depending on the version of the CorNet IP application installed

Subscriber number is prompted

  1. Enter some digits like opk-1.png opk-2.png opk-3.png ???
  2. Confirm Save Changes with the opk-ok.png key.
  3. The display will show:
  4. Press the opk-ok.png key.

Continue with Enter Admin password.

Subscriber number is not prompted

If you have not been prompted for the subscriber number, the display will show:

Invalide GW Adress or No suscriber number

  1. Press the opk-ok.png key.
  2. The display will show:
  3. Press the opk-ok.png key once more.

Enter Admin password

The display will show:
Enter admin password

  1. Press key pad for digits opk-1.png opk-2.png opk-3.png opk-4.png opk-5.png opk-6.png, which is the factory default password.

5) Display will show

Config: 01=Network?

Press confirmation key () and the right arrow key to select

02=Terminal IP addr.?

You may read the IP address and use this to switch over to the Web Admin pages by using a web browser (Microsoft IE recommended), typing http://Phone-IP-Address:8085, e.g.

6) Enter the Administration menu (PW 123456) and go to the “Upload/Download” section, choose “Download application”. Start a standard FTP Server (e.g. 3Com Daemon), and fill out the relevant FTP data, example pls. Refer to the screen shot below:

7) After successful restart of the application, it is recommended to perform a Restore of factory settings in the Web Admin, the reset PW is 124816.

This has to be removed here later: pdf.png  Quick Guide Migrating CorNet-IP to SIP