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--Christian.kaehler 22:32, 15 September 2006 (CEST) Hier sollte wir ein aktuelles Dokument erzeugen, z.B. auf Basis CorNet-IP V5.1.2x und SIP V6.0.56 oder höher. Als Beispiel hänge ich ein PDF an, dass das Prinzip zeigen soll. Herr Reinelt, können Sie das übernehmen?

pdf.png  Quick Guide Migrating CorNet-IP to SIP

Hier noch als Text...aber hier ist sicher einiges an Formattierung notwendig...

1) Connect the optiPoint Cornet-IP phone to the LAN (DHCP=on is default) – the assumption is that DHCP is available in your local area network.

2) The phone will boot and depending on the version of the CorNet-IP application installed, you may be prompted to enter the “Fully qualified subscriber number” – follow step 3A)

If you are not prompted – refer to step 3B)

3 A) You may enter some digits like “123”, then confirm “Save Changes with the confirmation key () and the display will show:

Administration 01=Configuration?

Press the confirmation key ()

Continue with step (4)

3 B) If you have not been prompted for the subscriber number, the display will show:

Administration Invalide GW Adress / No suscriber number

Press the confirmation key ()

The display will show:

Administration 01=Configuration?

Press the confirmation key () once more

4) Display will show

Enter admin password _

Press key pads for digits 123456 (this is the factory default PW).

5) Display will show

Config: 01=Network?

Press confirmation key () and the right arrow key to select

02=Terminal IP addr.?

You may read the IP address and use this to switch over to the Web Admin pages by using a web browser (Microsoft IE recommended), typing http://Phone-IP-Address:8085, e.g.

6) Enter the Administration menu (PW 123456) and go to the “Upload/Download” section, choose “Download application”. Start a standard FTP Server (e.g. 3Com Daemon), and fill out the relevant FTP data, example pls. Refer to the screen shot below:

7) After successful restart of the application, it is recommended to perform a Restore of factory settings in the Web Admin, the reset PW is 124816.