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myPortal for OpenStage is the user interface for OpenStage 60 HFA and OpenStage 80 HFA phones. It allows office based workers �fast change of their presence �status and fast & comfortable �access to their voice mail box



Depending on the UC solution within the communication system myPortal for OpenStage offers different festures

Presence display, status setting and return date

The following presence statuses can be displayed in combination with UC Smart or UC Suite:

  • Office
  • Meeting
  • Sick
  • Break
  • Gone out
  • Vacation
  • Lunch
  • Gone home

The currently set presence status is displayed in the main menu by the appropriate symbol and is visible to all other myPortal UC Smart and UC Suite client users.

Voice Mail control

The visual Voice Mail control is available only in combination with the UC Suite solution


To use this application the Web Service Interface of the communication platform must be enabled and in operation.

Supported telephons

Currently following OpenStage phones are tested and released.

Web Browsers

myPortal for OpenStage can be used in combination with the following web browsers (for configuration and administration):

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 7
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 8 in compatibility mode
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 9
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 10 (or later)
  • Mozilla Firefox Version 4 (or later)

Software Delivery

As myPortal for OpenStage is a web-based service, no separate SW is required for use.


User Manual

The user manual can be downloaded from:

Installation HowTo

Within the document the setup of a OpenStage phone, which is connected to OpenScape Office is described. The procedure applies also for OpenStage phones connected to OpenScape Business.


For operation of myPortal for OpenStage a UC Smart or UC Suite license is required.