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myPortal for openStage is the user interface for openStage 60 / 80 devices. In case a user has forgotten to set his current presence status myPortal for openStage offers the possibility to modify the status from graphical user interface of the openStage phone.


Presence display, status setting and return date

The following presence statuses can be displayed:

  • Office
  • Meeting
  • Sick
  • Break
  • Gone out
  • Vacation
  • Lunch
  • Gone home

The currently set presence status is displayed in the main menu by the appropriate symbol and is visible to all other myPortal web and myPortal entry users. The call diversions associated with the presence status remain in place even after myPortal web is closed or the smartphone is switched off.

Configuration Overview

Functional Boundaries and Limitations

Supported telephons

Currently following OpenStage phones are tested and released,

  • OpenStage 60 HFA
  • OpenStage 80 HFA


To use this application the myPortal entry Web Services must be installed and in operation.

Software Delivery



Feature Descriptions

Installation und Use


For operation no license is required.

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