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{{Breadcrumb|0|0|Unified Communications|OpenScape Business}}
{{Breadcrumb|0|0|Unified Communications|OpenScape Business}}
[[Image:OSBiz-MyPotal_Smart_1.png|right|thumb|350pxmyPortal Smart screenshot]]
[[Image:OSBiz-MyPotal_Smart_1.png|right|thumb|350px|myPortal Smart screenshot]]

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myPortal Smart screenshot

myPortal Smart is the UC client for accessing the unified communication functions of OpenScape Business from a Desktop PC.

Diffenrent skins are available to meet customer requiremnts regarding look and feel and handling.

myPortal Smart SW is part of OpenScape Business SW and bound to OpenScape Business SW version.

The following description refers to OpenScape Business V1. Deviations may occur for previous or subsequent versions of OpenScape Business