Simplified Call forwarding

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Family: OpenStage
Model: OpenStage 20
OpenStage 40
OpenStage 60
OpenStage 80
Relation: Phone related
Release: V3 R0

In the past modifying the Call Forwarding settings was considered to be too complex by many users.

Call Forwarding can be activated by:

  • Fixed Key - Call forwarding key (always last used CF number selectable),
  • programmable keys (not the topic here).

The scope of this feature was to allow quicker setting of the CF destination after clicking the CF Feature key.

CF Menu

CF key on OpenStage phone

When pressing the CF key the following menu options are shown:

  1. Accept (last destination active in Name & Number format)
    Activates CF for All Calls to the last destination that was active for CF All Calls. Uses the appropriate Name & number style for a single line in a menu.
  2. Set a forwarding destination Activates CF for All Calls to the destination in the input box.
  3. Edit Call forwarding Provides a shortcut into the user menu to edit any CF type.
  4. Cancel Removes the prompt without changing the CF status.

After pressing Set a forwarding destination the following direct input mode prompt is displayed. This is the Direct setting of CF All Calls. The name of the new option will be Set a forwarding destination.

It allows a user to directly enter a destination for CF for All Calls from an input prompt that is shown over any screen as a result (directly or indirectly) of pressing the dedicated forwarding key. When a destination is successfully entered the phone will immediately set active CF for All Calls to the specified destination.

OS-Screen-CF-1.gif This is a new prompt that is shown to allow a new destination to be entered for All Calls forwarding. The first menu option shown provides the most recently used destination for CF for All Calls.
If the Cancel option is selected then forwarding prompts are removed without any changes to the current forwarding settings.
OS-Screen-CF-2.gif The prompt changes to an input box when the user starts to enter a number from the keypad. The first menu item changes to allow the number to be set as the CF for All Calls destination. Editing as for a dialler but no dial tone given.
When the Set forwarding menu option is selected the phone will activate CF for All Calls to the destination entered and forwarding prompts are removed.

After selecting Edit call forwarding the following screen opens.

OS-Screen-CF-3.gif Forward edit screen showing the current forwarding set. The destination for a forwarding type drops down when a type is highlighted and a destination is configured for it. When this list is 1st shown the highlight is always on the currently active CF setting.
The right arrow key will provide a favourites list of destination numbers for the highlighted forward type.
The OK key will toggle the tick box off (tick means the for-warding specified is active). It will also toggle the tick box on if a destination is already configured for the type. If a destina-tion is not defined then pressing OK invokes the default ac-tion of the context menu which provides the direct input speller for the user to enter a destination.
All changes made have immediate affect.
Exit from this screen is via the left arrow key.

Cancel: Removes the prompt without changing the CF status.

When CF for all calls is not active

A long press on the dedicated Call Forward key will present the new forward input prompt to allow the user to enter the forwarding destination for all calls.

When CF for all calls is currently active

A long press on the dedicated Call Forward key will present the toggle CF prompt.


If the CF edit form, as well as any prompts arising from the use of the dedicated CF key, are being shown on the phone when WBM attempts to access CF information then WBM will present a screen indicating that Call For-warding is currently in use at the phone. The WBM user will be given the option to refresh the page which will show the active CF status when it is not in a state where it could be changed at the phone.